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I’m Cheryl Hunter. I help people with triumphant stories get their messages out to the world through major media. My clients appear on national TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and on stage.

My proven methodology isn’t something anyone else out there is teaching, and it certainly isn’t something you can Google. I personally cracked the code on how to craft a compelling message that is like candy to big media…then I successfully applied my findings to my own career.

Doing so enables me to continually provide expert commentary for news sources including Dr. Oz, NBC News, Fox, and PBS; write and produce content for Paramount Pictures, CBS, HBO, CNN; deliver four TED talks, and publish two bestselling books.

When you’re ready to get your message out to the world, then it’s time we talk!

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How Cheryl Hunter Found A Way To Transcend Trauma And Help Others

Cheryl Hunter on overcoming trauma and finding the road to resilience

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Reaching the Finish Line Ep. 48

059 | Cheryl Hunter: “You are Magnificent. And What Makes You Magnificent is Everything You’ve Previously Believed is Wrong with You.”

LY 29: From One Open Door to the Next with Cheryl Hunter

#64 – Cheryl Hunter On Changing Your Relationship With Adversity

How to Be More Resilient: With Cheryl Hunter

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Ep 4: How to Financially Thrive; Don’t Just Survive – with Cheryl Hunter

Tough Girl Podcast

Your Thoughts Are Not Always Your Friend

015: Cheryl Hunter: The Power of Resilience – How To Turn Your Trauma and Setbacks Into Your Highest Purpose

MX030 — Wabi Sabi and Kaizen

Wabi Sabi Woman – 3/21/17 Gaining confidence in myself; Cheryl Hunter’s Ted Talk; Holding the jewel from your own life.

How One Woman Learned to Forgive Her Kidnappers

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