Immersive Commerce Strategist

Dedrick Boyd

“From Magnify Your Message, I’m most proud of the honed-in message that speaks to who I am, as the brand of the company and the clarity that we can now provide to prospects. Before, we didn’t have a message that resonated with our audience – and now we’ve positioned ourselves as immersive commerce thought leaders. We landed an extremely high-profile client (public figure) and we are knocking on the door to land our first luxury client. With this first contract, as of February 2022, we’ve now surpassed our 2021 total for the year!”


  • In 8 weeks earned $1.5M, surpassing the previous year’s annual income
  • Picked up by: NBC, CBS, Fox News

Icon Alliance Mastermind Member

Dr. Rick Chromey

“Since MYM, book sales are up. Invitations to speak are up. I’ve been a return guest on several podcasts. The best thing MYM did was help me create an attractive brand and better messaging. I now can communicate clearly what I do. My revenue and speaking is up. I’m happy with the uptick. The biggest breakthrough is MENTAL and SPIRITUAL. I now believe I should have a place at the table. My faith in God is stronger. I may be 58 years young, but I BELIEVE my best years are ahead of me. I’ve not penned or spoke my BEST lines. Thank you MYM for transforming my attitude from a poverty to abundance mindsets.”


  • Picked up by: NBC, Fox News, CBS
  • Went from $0 to earning $1200/hr per speaking engagement
  • Podcast appearances up 200-300%

Author, Speaker, Pastor

Domestic Violence Expert

Eli Hilomen

“Just in the 10 weeks of the MYM program, I was able to get 40 more clients – which is equivalent to a 200% increase in revenue from where I was. Not only was I able to learn how to create a compelling message, but I was able to get to know the correct path to take to be able to get into major media from here on out.”



  • Picked up by: CBS, Fox, NBC, Boston Herald
  • A 200% increase in revenue

Ruby Russell

“The Magnify Your Message team helped me get my core message together, which significantly helped build both my focus and confidence.”


  • A 300% increase in clients
  • Picked up by: CBS, NBC, Fox News

Patented Inventor

Bestselling Author, Speaker and Pastor

Dr. Millicent Hunter

“Magnify Your Message has showed me the pathway to breaking into major media markets, and now I know how to go to the next level of visibility. As I continue through the Icon Alliance program, I am clear about the direction and focus of my next book. I now know how to position myself to appeal to a larger audience with my message of hope and resilience – and I continue to get more invitations to speak and earn more revenue in the process.”


  • Picked up by: Fox News, NBC, CBS
  • A 67% increase in clients

Icon Alliance Mastermind Member

Dr. Chip Cole MD

“This program “pulled back the curtain” and allowed me to think like an interviewer and media consultant/expert. Like many things – you must serve others before you get to be served. Educational media is the same. There is no such thing as giving away too much free content – because its all an investment in your own future. Organizing your message into an intriguing story has a method. They show it to you. Highly recommend the program without any reservation!!”



  • Picked up by: CBS,  Fox News, NBC, ABC

Icon Alliance Mastermind Member

Master Plastic Surgeon

Anti-Homelessness Advocate

Mario Henry

Where can I start, this is the ultimate guide to create your own public relations for your business or service you are trying to brand. The expertise is next level, the coaches use their experience to get you ready for you to be the superstar of your own brand. I can’t say enough about the level of experience. As a former athlete everyone needs a great coach, these folks are the Vince Lombardi of Public relations.”



  • Picked up by: NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News, Newsmax

Icon Alliance Mastermind Member

Steve Groff

MYM helped me take my message to the next level. Their vast experience comes through as insightful, practical and pushes us to go beyond what we thought was possible. All this is done with professionalism and maybe most importantly, with integrity. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to commit to work hard for their desired outcome!



  • Picked up by: CBS,  Fox News, NBC, ABC

Icon Alliance Mastermind Member

Farmer / Soil Health Expert

Anti-Homelessness Advocate

Todd Lane

Cheryl Hunter and her team are the best! From the beginning of our “Magnify Your Message” we have received top notch professional coaching regarding what the media is looking for to get our message out. Cheryl and her entire staff have been accessible and very informative regarding educating us on how get our message out. I would recommend their program to anyone who is looking to get more visibility in the media and instructed with what the media professionals are looking to find!



  • Picked up by: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, Newsmax

Icon Alliance Mastermind Member

Karen Umali

With the help of Cheryl’s amazing team, we went from surviving to actually thriving during a time when the whole world was shut down. Her team understood our problems, helped us get our message out into the world and supported us every step of the way. Every engagement with her team is insightful and impactful not only to your personal life but also your professional life. Cheryl has created an experience that is priceless! She and her team are world changers! Thank you so much!!



  • Picked up by: NBC News, CNN, New York Times, US News & World Report

Icon Alliance Mastermind Member

College Planner

Inspirational Singer/Songwriter

Mary Opara

“Magnify Your Message was incredibly worth it. I was taught how to have a target audience for the skills I have. I had a great learning experience with Cheryl Hunter, Barbara, and Coach Pericles. They all brought different aspects of the coaching together to reach a common goal- How to get my message out to the world. It was a wonderful experience!!”


  • Picked up by: NBC

Holly Flanders

“Cheryl Hunter and her team of professionals are tops in the industry. They are passionate and know what they are doing and how to guide people in their quest to magnify their message, to get their message out to the media. Cheryl is authentic and committed to being a positive influence in helping people achieve these goals.”


  • Picked up by: NBC, CBS, Fox News

Motivational Speaker

Well-Being Coach

Giovanna Tartarone

I am so grateful to have worked with Cheryl Hunter and her team at Magnify Your Message. They helped me bring my story to the world!! If you are looking to make a difference in this world with your message MYM is the place to start. Cheryl Hunter makes it happen!


  • Picked up by: Fox News, NBC, CBS

Alex Levinger

“My biggest breakthrough was in getting picked up by the media. Before the program, I surely lacked confidence on even starting such a feat – but learned how to produce a piece that the media would love! I received a huge pop in my monthly sales after I was picked up, and after [completing] the program I’m seeing 1-2 more students come through my doors each week. I’m proud that I was able to learn from just about everyone who spoke, no matter whether they were on the MYM team or were a participant. I now know how to structure my week, how to approach folks in the media, and I save hundreds each month since I no longer rely on other services to get me more traffic.”


  • Picked up by: CBS, NBC, Fox News
  • An additional 1-2 clients per week
  • 62% increase in annual revenue

Graduate School Exam Coach

Artists for Social/Racial Justice

Jay Paris & Anna Myer

“MYM helped our growth as an organization, and the progress we are making in getting national recognition. As we continue on in Icon Alliance, we are attracting more funders and donations, raising our status in our field, bringing on stronger staff and board members, and strengthening our mindset to increase revenue and be more courageous. Learning and then [being able to] implement a strategy to have the media embrace us and the benefits to our business development are the biggest assets.”


  • Picked up by: NBC, Fox News, The New York Times
  • Went from 14 to 20 employees
  • Increased annual revenue by 66%

Icon Alliance Mastermind Member

Sara Garofalo

“I saw an increase of 40% of visibility through my website. I am a contributor of Brainz magazine, and I got offered to write a chapter in a book. I’m even seeing a 25% in monthly income – continually.”


  • A 300% increase in clients 
  • Picked up by: NBC, Yahoo!, Fox News, CBS News

Intuitive Health & Life Coach

Women’s Empowerment Expert

Coré Cotton

Cheryl Hunter has cracked the code on taking your message out of the box and into global platforms through media outlets. My message of empowerment for women was previously contained within a limited audience. Cheryl and team helped me to find my tribe, tailor my message, and speak directly to my targeted audience, leveraging various media outlets. I recommend the Cheryl Hunter experience for anyone who has a message and wants to get it out to the world!


  • Picked up by: NBC, CBS, Fox News

Eric Dugan

Cheryl and her team are knowledgeable, thoughtful and genuine experts that guide and support you through the entire process. They do what they say and say what they do and genuinely want to see you succeed and provide the tools to do so. They strike a balance of creating a positive, safe and nurturing space while also holding you accountable. Simply put they are experts that provide tough love guidance and the tools needed to help you define and reach your goals.


  • Picked up by: Fox, Bloomberg TV, NBC, CBS, Yahoo Finance

Financial Expert
Leadership Coach

Matthew Ogieva

It was a fantastic experience, and the team’s professionalism and support was amazing. The Modules are clear and flow to the goal with balanced engagement with the calls, videos, and notes. I love the coach’s clarity on the plan and the delivery. I am thrilled with the product of my core message, as it has given me the platform to build my brand as a leadership coach. The mindset coaching session and the messaging coaching session are excellent. Thank you, and well done Cheryl and team!


  • Picked up by: NBC, Yahoo! Finance, The Boston Herald, Fox News

Elliot Kallen

“I have been working with the Cheryl Hunter Group for several months and it has made a huge difference in our outreach marketing-media efforts. As President of A Brighter Day Charity, with the goal of stopping teen suicide, it is imperative that we find parents and teens to hear our message and seek our resources. With their help, our media outreach has more than quadrupled and we are now viewed nationally. We are so excited about our upcoming TV opportunities because of your Group.”


  • Picked up by: Fox News, Yahoo! Finance

Icon Alliance Mastermind Member

Teen Suicide Prevention Advocate

Mental Health Advocate

John Callas

“I completed my course with Cheryl Hunter’s Magnify Your Message and I cannot thank her and her team enough for the coaching. The valuable process throughout the program gave me clarity on my core message and how to position myself as the expert in my field.

As a result, I was picked up by Yahoo! Finance, Fox News, Digital journal, and The Good Men Project. And that was only the start. One of the most important parts of the program for me was to learn to pitch – I am an author and write novels and screenplays, but a pitch is a different animal. With her help, I have developed a new and valuable skill.

The program was centered on me as the subject, so there was lots of work for me to do. They guided me through the process each step of the way. Thank you, Cheryl, for being a great mentor.”


  • Picked up by: Fox News, The Good Men Project, Digital Journal, NBC, The Dr. Ward Bond Show

Icon Alliance Mastermind Member

Dr. Danielle Ottosen

“Cheryl and her team helped me craft a specific message that emotionally spoke to my ideal clients. In addition, they helped me get featured in major media (ABC, CBS, Fox News, and more) allowing me to get my message out to thousands of people.”


  • Picked up by: CBS, NBC, Fox News



Dr. Jinhai Yang

I am very thankful to work with Cheryl’s team to learn how to share my message with a broader audience. They are the top professionals in the nation and provide very personal coaching interaction with every client. I am humbled, yet feel very honored to learn and work with them. Even though I spent a lot of effort sharing our inventions and pandemic fight ideas, they went nowhere until I met Cheryl and her team. They helped me sharpen my core message and identify my target audience. My first featured article was published on Yahoo and has reached thousands of viewers. However, this is only a start to bringing our core message to a broader audience. Cheryl’s team coached me on my presentation and communication skills to reach more media platforms. Thank you, Cheryl, and the team for helping me when things looked impossible. Please continue your fantastic job to help thousands more people like me share their stories, expertise, dreams, and passions with the world.


  • Picked up by: Yahoo Finance, Fox News

Teresa Weston

We learned a tremendous amount about how to craft clear, compelling and concise messages about how our offering suits the needs of those looking for us. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this program was recognizing that our current scope was limited and that expanding our business model would allow us greater opportunities and flexibility in the future. Always a pleasure to interact with the team – a peek behind the curtain of the media industry.


  • Picked up by: Fox News, NBC, CBS

Coach for Teens
Business Owner/Inventor

Amanda Werts

Loved my experience with Cheryl and her team. They are so knowledgeable about how to build your relationship with the media, craft your message, and pitch to different channels.


  • Picked up by: Fox, NBC, CBS

Elizabeth Upton

Working with Cheryl’s team was really exhilarating. I felt heard and understood. They have a keen ability to meet people where they are and also to push you to go further. I really appreciated the time I had to get my questions answered. You are not just a # when you work with them. I loved her methodology and the weekly exercises gave me clarity and insight. By the end of our time together, I was featured in over 100 major media outlets and able to transform my relationship with being in front of the camera (for a change). I learned valuable lessons that will stick with me forever. As an added bonus, I was inspired to produce and host a podcast that hit the top of the Apple Charts and is now in its second season! I highly recommend you work with Cheryl and her team. Come ready!


  • Picked up by: NBC News, CBS, Fox News, Boston Herald

Executive Coach
Business & IP Valuation

Dave Bookbinder

“I always wanted to to a Tedx talk, and after MYM, I got the opportunity [to do a Tedx style talk] for a Finance Excellence & Innovation (FinEx) conference. My work in MYM allowed me to hone my core message so that I was able to deliver a cohesive synthesis for that talk. I even attracted a position with a company that shares my core values, and is open to allowing me to develop a product.”


  • Picked up by: NBC, CBS, Fox News, Yahoo Finance

Josiah Igono

“I invested in myself. I really wanted to understand this space, and from Magnify Your Message, I gained an understanding that the process is repeatable, and the media can utilize us as much as I can give them.”


  • Picked up by: Fox News, CBS, Yahoo Finance

Performance Psychology Expert

Licensed Psychologist and Attorney

Dr. Jean Cirillo

“My biggest breakthrough was the knowledge of how to approach persons in the media in order to form relationships. From my participation in the program, I feel most proud of my enhanced ability to communicate on a personal level with persons in the media.”


  • Picked up by: BBC News, Business Insider, Buzzfeed, Medium

Icon Alliance Mastermind Member

Mary Resenbeck

“Before Magnify Your Message, my future clients were strictly by word of mouth. Magnify Your Message made my message clear and to the point. They helped me take steps to create my niche and have the confidence to make public and media appearances. Cheryl Hunter and the whole Magnify Your Message group are phenomenal; The Hunter Group team introduced me to excellent techniques and strategies that get you past the gatekeepers and straight to the decision-maker for booking significant extensive media interviews. I have broadened my customer demographic. I have booked speaking engagements, doubled my income, and speak to interested clients daily. I expect an even more considerable increase as time moves forward.”


  • Picked up by: NBC, The San Diego Union-Tribune, Fox, CBS
  • Increased annual revenue by 750%

Homeschooling Expert

Author and Domestic Violence Expert

Lily Sanders

“While completing Magnify Your Message, I got new major media. I had a TV spot on CBS. And now, I just booked my first big speaking engagement at The Roosevelt House in NYC at Hunter College.”


  • Picked up by: NBC, Fox News, CBS, USA Today

John-Michael Patrick Lander

“The most significant breakthroughs I experienced in working with Magnify Your Message Coaches were in being heard, believed, encouraged, and acknowledged. As I worked through strategy, mindset, publicity, and marketing, I gained the confidence that I needed to recognize myself as an expert in my field. This confidence translated in building relationships with media outlet professionals and sharing my story and continues growing. After graduating, I was interviewed with 60 Minutes Jon Wertheim. I am now booking speaking engagements all over the globe, and have already reached 115 major media outlets. Continuing on with Icon Alliance, the ROI I have received includes the many appearances on news programs, podcasts, and news articles, and complete and total personal growth from where I was before I began.”


  • Picked up by: NBC, CBS, Fox News
  • A 300% increase in annual gross revenue
  • Featured on 60 Minutes

Icon Alliance Mastermind Member

Speaker/Activist Against Sexual Abuse

Lead Mechanical Engineer for the new World Trade Center

Joe Coss

“This program has life-changing intelligence, wisdom, inspiration, motivation and love that I have certainly received from the entire team at The Hunter Group! The methods that I have learned in the Magnify Your Message program now have me on track to increase the Annual Revenue for my company by $1.5MM, as the Eastern U.S. Regional Sales Manager – and I have added 19 new Global Clients, which we expect to retain for decades to come.”


  • Picked up by: CBS, NBC, Fox News, Yahoo! Finance
  • On track for an annual revenue increase of $1.5M

Allan Roberts

“During the program, I was able to get my story picked up by multiple major media sources – and I received many messages of support, opening up the chance to do more public speaking to raise more funds for the charity. Since graduating Magnify Your Message, I now have a clearer, more-focused message and a better understanding of targeting the media. The credibility and publicity this program has given me has also created an opportunity to return to coaching and spread my message to a wider audience.”



  • Featured by 188 major media sources,Including: BBC, The Business Gazette (UK), Consumer World Report (UK)

Anti-Bullying & Abuse Advocate

Life Coach for Millennial Women 

Cassandra Crawley Mayo

“Magnify Your Message was like a masterclass in developing an authentic core message that was compelling, newsworthy, and of service to my target audience. The education on how to effectively take your message to the masses was learned from actual people in the coaching – TV producers, working publicists, all such a bonus. Having been picked up by major media was a mind blower, but that’s where this program got me.”



  • Picked up by: NBC, Yahoo Finance
  • A 4900% increase in annual revenue

Dr. Craig Beach & Stephanie Robinson

“If you WORK the program in the way it is designed, it WORKS for you! Magnify Your Message means learning the step-by-step winning formula to get major media.”


  • Picked up by: NBC News, Fox News, CBS News
  • Increase of 20 clients per month (a 40% increase)

Icon Alliance Mastermind Member

Mental Wellness Experts


Beth Meyer-Frank

“Magnify Your Message (MYM) was challenging, informative, and motivating, all in a 10-week package. The brilliant coaches combined mindset work, messaging, and how to maximize the power of connection. The modules included videos by Cheryl Hunter and her media colleagues that were guideposts on how to make and foster relationships to make lasting media connections. The weekly Q&A calls allowed for personal connections with participants and the coaches. My humdrum mission statement evolved into a compelling, brief, concise core message that conveyed my passion and the important work that I do. I have now started making connections that will lead to getting my message out in the world. I highly recommend MYM and urge you to take advantage of what this excellent program has to offer.”


  • Picked up by: Fox News, Digital Journal, Yahoo!

Monika Zasada

“As someone who likes systems and roadmaps, I appreciate Cheryl Hunter’s teachings. With her, and her coaches’, help and the step-by-step method, I have:
1. created an introduction to myself (wake me up at 3AM and I will recite it without a pause :),
2. learned how to build relationships with various media professionals
3. been coached how to look good on camera
The result? I’ve been seen in Yahoo, Fox and, just yesterday, quoted in Architectural Digest. I also have interest from one of the editors at Inc. It’s just the beginning!

These are good people, and this is a smart program.”



  • Picked up by: CBS, Fox News, NBC

Home Construction Expert

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Janece Hoopes

“Cheryl has created a very doable step-by-step program that chunks down how to get into the media, and build awareness of your name and expertise.
Magnify Your Message was exactly what I needed it to be. The coaches were invested in my success, knowledgeable, and accessible. Even when I had some hard personal experiences in my life, they reached out and supported me.”

These are good people, and this is a smart program.


  • Picked up by: NBC, Fox News, Yahoo! Finance

Inesa Ponomariovaite

“Thanks to Cheryl and her team. Before her course I was wasting my time and money with so many PR “experts” and her program helped me a lot to truly understand this industry. Today I am in a much stronger position.”


  • Picked up by: Fox News, Star Tribune, Fox News, International Business Times

Holistic Expert

Real Estate Expert

Roger Plevin

“The Cheryl Hunter organization provided sincere and caring attention to those who wish to learn how to find their voice and deliver their message to targeted media.
Subsequent follow-up with the organization is encouraged and provided as needed. The weekly on line classes deliver a synergy of ideas from the students who are embraced in learning the tried and true techniques of delivering their message.”


  • Picked up by: Fox News, Yahoo! Finance, NBC

Mary Rottschafer

“Inspired by Cheryl herself, I entered Magnify Your Message unaware of what a life-changing experience awaited me. The instructional videos in the ten modules are gems that I have listened to repeatedly, as the practical advice far exceeded my expectations.


My role as an executive director and founder of a non-profit organization is to raise funds. We have annual needs, but currently, I am in the midst of a capital campaign. Being “ready” for the media is like being ready for a prospective donor. The work I accomplished through this organization has improved my readiness and my presentation immensely, whether it is an interview, an appearance on a TV show, or meeting a person interested in supporting our organization. I have a board member who touts, “you talk completely differently now about the farm now and it’s so much better!

Concise, compelling, to the point – what does that all mean? How do you know when you’ve achieved something good? LIVE Coaches who speak with you weekly are the icing on the cake, and their discernment steers you to a successful outcome and a rich knowledge of how you can apply what you learned to even other levels of your business.

And media? There have been moments when I stood in front of the mic, and with confidence using my pre-rehearsed phrases in my explanations. Each time, I’d reflect on what changes had occurred. Thank you to each person on the CHG team. You are the best.”


  • Picked up by: Fox News, NBC, ABC, Yahoo! Finance

Educational Farm Owner

Life Coach

Francesca Bronwyn

Cheryl Hunter, with her MYM team and program, coached and guided me to write my core message and get picked up by NBC, CBS, Boston Herald, Wall Street Select, and a couple of others! I am very grateful!


  • Picked up by: CBS, Fox News, NBC

Swehla Hunt

Magnify Your Message was the most amazing experience. Cheryl and her team are all jewels! Their fantastic coaching experiences and strategies have edified and positioned me to reach and connect to my target audience more effectively and passionately, forever! What a life changing experience!


  • Picked up by: NBC News, Fox News, CBS

Transformational Coach

Coach for Teens

Keith Miller

“The experience was excellent. Cheryl has not only her story, knowledge, and wisdom to pass along… she has assembled a great team of people to assist her and each of those in class. You will learn things that are not necessarily intuitive and in your wheelhouse. After you learn the messages, you will understand why Cheryl and her team’s approach is so important to success.
Cheryl and her team will stretch you, which is how we learn best, coming out the other side much more knowledgeable and confident. Make sure you stretch yourself during the process by making the commitment to experience an excellent journey.”


  • Picked up by: NBC News, CBS, Fox News

Jackie Harris

“Magnify Your Message made a big difference in my personal development & life. Cheryl & her team gave me all the right tools I needed to rebuild myself & my business. I was featured in 8 different major media outlets – A dream come true!”


  • Picked up by: NBC News, Fox News, CBS

Anti-Aging Expert

Career Coach for Women

Mo Faul

“Cheryl Hunter is the real deal. Cheryl Hunter has unique expertise to help others attain visibility on the busy media stage of the 21st century! She is so passionate about helping others to take a step-by-step approach to get one’s message “out there” in a big way!
I was featured in major media and know the exact ways to position myself in the media exposure realm, thanks to Cheryl and her team and proven formula!
Thank you Cheryl!”


  • CBS, Fox News, Fox Business, NBC, ABC, Yahoo! Finance

Lydia Knight

“I have worked with Cheryl in multiple capacities. She has been a coach of mine and I have participated in her programs. I have also been a guest on her RISE mini series sharing my story. And in addition to that, I have been a peer of hers for years in a mastermind where we are both growing alongside each other. In short, I have seen Cheryl from many perspectives and the word that resonates is integrity. She is the same caring, expert, present and powerful woman in any setting. And I so appreciate the trust that people can have with her, because she can be trusted to always be pure in her genuineness.
Cheryl Hunter is an amazing coach that gets her clients results. She is there to truly help and uplift others. And also hold them to the greatness she knows is in them. She has gone through massive personal tragedy and struggle, and has chosen every time to not only come back stronger, but to uplift others at a whole new level.
I truly admire Cheryl and am thankful she is sharing her light with the world.”


  • Picked up by: NBC, Fox News, CBS

Eating Disorder Expert


Joanna Kleier

“I grew up in a Domestic Violence household and because of my experience I supported several women to leave toxic relationships over the last three decades. I always wanted to take my message to a larger audience and Magnify Your Message gave me the tools through the awesome Mastermind of Mindset, Strategy, Creative Writing and Public Relations so I can help millions of people through Media. Cheryl Hunter’s story took over 10 years to get attention in Media so she created a platform to teach people how to do it in a matter of weeks:two_hearts:Thank you Magnify Your Message!”


  • Picked up by: CBS, Fox News

Todd Hunt

“We hit all the goals we intended for this wonderful course! Seeing the clarity of our message and the look on my wife’s face when our article was picked up across major media was priceless! Thank you MYM!”


  • Picked up by: NBC News, Fox News, CBS

Transformational Coach

Spiritual Teacher

Vanessa Jade

“Cheryl and her team are highly competent and dedicated. Cheryl’s approach is the most practical and effective out there. She will show you the roadmap to securing regular media appearances. Through working with her I have made connections with many media contacts and secured media coverage for my business.”


  • Picked up by: Fox News, NBC, Yahoo! Finance

Aaron Hendon

“Not only did I develop a clear, concise message, but I got picked up by several major sources and now have added authority to use. I know how to attract an audience.”


  • Picked up by: NBC, CBS, Fox News

Residential Real Estate Expert

Business Owner/Product Developer

Basant Khanna

“I wanted to learn how to get my message out to the world from Cheryl and her team. Not only did I receive a step-by-step plan and coaching to break into major media, but I also took away insight to strengthen my business model and entrepreneurial skills. I often feel isolated owning my own business. I received much more than I had anticipated from this investment. Investing in highly skilled and talented coaches in media, business, mindset, and content development is a must for business owners. And Magnify Your Message offers it all!”


  • Picked up by: CBS, Fox News, NBC

Jesse Bradley

“Through Magnify Your Message, I gained skills that help me bring hope to more people and am passing on what I learned to many others who have a passion to spread hope too. Identifying my core message and how I could share it more effectively through collaboration was a game-changer.”


  • Picked up by: NBC, Yahoo Finance, CBS, Fox News, Good Morning America

Icon Alliance Mastermind Member


Nutrigenomics Coach

Kara Ware

I wanted to learn how to get my message out to the world from Cheryl and her team. Not only did I receive a step-by-step plan and coaching to break into major media, but I also took away insight to strengthen my business model and entrepreneurial skills. I often feel isolated owning my own business. I received much more than I had anticipated from this investment. Investing in highly skilled and talented coaches in media, business, mindset, and content development is a must for business owners. And Magnify Your Message offers it all!


  • Picked up by: CBS, Fox News, NBC

Dr. Sarah Liew

“The Hunter group taught me “how to express the most important message through the media.” The lessons were enough to tell us about where, when, and what to put in the media, build a core message and use keywords to say many of our thoughts in simple core messages, and talk about the language of various significant media. . .

It has helped my business greatly as I learned how to present myself to many media outlets, primarily the nonprofits I run.

Thank you for your support and the lifelong partnership we can build together to build a long-term support community. God bless you, Hunter, and all your teammates are great!”


  • Picked up by: NBC, Fox News


Grief Support Advocate

Ashmeeta Madhav

Cheryl Hunter and the wonderful team at Magnify Your Message showed me how to get my message on major media.

Very grateful for their EXPERT advice and guidance.



  • Picked up by: Fox News, NBC, ABC, CBS

Icon Alliance Mastermind Member

Clement Mbuyi

“The biggest difference is now understanding my target audience and having a core message to match.”



  • Picked up by: The Boston Herald, NBC, Yahoo Finance



Louisa Abreu

My experience with Cheryl Hunter and the Hunter Group was quite the healing journey. I came across her offer on social media for one on one coaching at a time when everything in my life was not making sense to me. Even though I am a successful person in life, at that time I was not feeling as such nor enjoying the result of my efforts. It was through Cheryl and her coaching strategy, I was able to see and get to the root of my own inertia and move forward for myself. It was an invaluable experience and I would do it again. The world is a better place with the Hunter Group in it.


  • Picked up by: NBC News

Eugene Mandelcorn

“Plain and simple: I have created a powerful message for my target audience. I have positioned myself as an expert in the field.”


  • Picked up by: Yahoo Life, Fox News, CBS, NBC
  • 100% increase in monthly inbound clients

Hollywood Film Producer

Professional Podcaster

Gregory deBruler

“What MYM really did for me was focus on my dreams. Focus on my heart. Focus on my visions. Focus on my expertise. Of solving problems. The timing was perfect.”


During Magnify Your Message:

  • Picked up by: Yahoo! Finance, Fox News, CBS

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