Pericles Rellas has been a coach for over 25 years, and considers it a profound privilege to have supported tens of thousands of people to live their best lives. Pericles prides himself on compassionately holding people to account to fulfill upon the commitments they hold most dear, so that they’re able to accomplish the things they previously felt were impossible. His signature method of never letting people get in their own way or get away with their ‘stuff’ – yet doing so without judgement – has become a hallmark of the way he coaches, and has become something that his clients value most in their time together.

Pericles empowers people to produce amazing results in a short period of time, and he attributes that ability to his knack of zeroing in on the mindset that has someone stuck, so that together he can assist his clients to create new-found freedom in their work and in their lives. Whether working with a PhD, entrepreneur, mom or dad, Pericles’ commitment is the same: helping people develop the power and freedom to have the life they deserve. Pericles also has extensive experience training coaches and working with them to be more effective in leading their own programs, whether in front of large groups of people, in a small setting or during their own one-on-one coaching sessions.

Pericles was born and raised in Los Angeles, before moving to Paris, France, from 2015-2018, where he enjoyed traveling all around Europe and soaking in different cultures and lifestyles. He believes that we find power in our differences, and he considers it an honor to support people from all walks of life and in many varied situations – whether during his decades as a coach, or previously, in his 15 years as a Stage Manager and Company Manager for live theatre, or his 23 years as a business owner. In 2018, Pericles returned to the States and now lives just outside of Las Vegas, NV with his husband Ben and their dog and constant companion, Harry.

Pericles Rellas

Senior Program Leader

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