Want to Get Featured in Major Media?

(like CNN, FOX, NBC, and Forbes)…

(even if you have no audience, no following, and no one knows your name?)

In Magnify Your Message, You’ll Learn…


The step-by-step game plan to get featured in major media, reach millions, and tell your story


How to craft an irresistible message that’s like candy to big media


How to leverage the media to create instant credibility and authority that showcases the real you and puts your story in front of millions...


AND how to do all of this while reaching the potential clients you care about most, being totally genuine, and without ever pretending to be someone you’re not.


How my clients go from racing to keep up with the competition to dominating the marketplace … all because they’ve positioned themselves as the only logical choice for their products and services.

You’ll learn to do it all in this 10-week “done with you” program that helps you get the right message out to the right audience via the right media.

When that happens, you’ll be able to have all the influence, impact, and income you can handle. Enroll today, and you’ll learn first-hand exactly how clients just like you have landed average audiences of over 524 MILLION EACH - and changed the direction of their businesses and their lives forever.

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Cheryl Hunter 

Cheryl Hunter is a master coach and TV host who provides expert commentary for news sources such as CNN, Dr. Phil, NBC News, Dr. Oz, Fox, and PBS. In addition to writing and producing TV for CBS, HBO and Paramount Pictures, Cheryl has written two bestselling books, and her four TED talks have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Cheryl founded Magnify Your Message to help business owners expand their sphere of influence, impact, and income by crafting compelling messages and creating a movement around their products and services.


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